Saturday, 25 April 2009

Resak CCR

There are times when I feel really really really bored on Resak, and being a relatively new platform, almost everything is automated, so less work for all of us. With limited internet connectivity and reading material, I knew I had to find something interesting to keep myself occupied (heh, don’t I always?).

I’m very much intended to take some pictures of the platform, but to comply to a photo-taking permit is such a hassle; no flash allowed, gas test required, bla bla bla. Leceh

Hence let me just present to you Resak main control room. Obviously I’m not in the pic; who else was gonna hold the camera?

Insyaallah I’ll come back later with more pictures.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Cryptography + Arithmatic = GeekyFun!

A few years back (before the era of widespread Sudoku craze), I was hooked on a particular type of cryptarithm. Being a puzzle enthusiast that I always am, I had a book full of this puzzle which was almost completed.

Having nothing much to do, it sure feels sentimental if I can revisit those puzzles and re-evaluate my deduction capability.


A typical example of such puzzle is as follows. (created by this old dude)

    S E N D
+   M O R E 
= M O N E Y

The goal is to identify the value of each letter, while abiding to the following rules:

  1. Each letter must represent a different digit
  2. The leading/leftmost digits must not be zero
  3. The solution is unique (usually, unless otherwise stated)

If you’re willing and persistent enough to try, it is not difficult to discover the solution.

    9 5 6 7
+   1 0 8 5 
= 1 0 6 5 2

Interested? More cryptarithms can be found here.


Also, try out below puzzles too. They took me a half-a-lunchtime to create and verify. (The solutions may not be unique)

    S A Y A
+   S U K A 
= M A S A K

           K A U
+   B O L E H 
=     B A L I  K

    A Z I E
+     A N D 
= H Y R E E

Do post your answers in the comments.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Force needed to tip a cow

hahahaha. Found this on Digg.

Too lazy to verify the force calculation as my physics got really rusty (fadhli, aimran sila tolong). The only flaw I found is that the centre of mass should have been higher.

Get a partner, and lets go tip a cow!

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