Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour may cause power surge...

...if TNB isn't prepared, endangering the national grid and severely damage many generators.

earth hour

In 1999, a short solar eclipse hit the UK. naturally everybody would turn off the lights to observe the rarely occurring phenomenon. Sudden drop in power demand was promptly handled.

But as soon as the sun reappeared, demand increased rapidly as people resumed normal life, causing the most significant power surge in the UK thus far.

(source: ni semua EES lecturer Tim Green yang cerita)

Lets hope every utility providers in the world has foreseen this and be fully prepared.

Hooray for Earth Hour!!


wanaimran said...

good point bro! jadi ko tutup lampu ke tak nanti nih? heh...

btw, biler boleh berjumpa dan lepak2 lg?

hope work is treating you well btw. kirim salam kat azie sekali.

fadhli said...

looks like tnb is prepared:

and all the other utility providers too. hehe.

fadhli said...

oops silap.

tnb was prepared.


Lailatul said...

tim green? hehe =P nice!

HyRee said...

sorry takleh reply comment sebab dkat offshore tak boleh nak login hanya boleh post entry melalyu live writer.

im doing great! bila entah boleh nak lepak2. jadual berterabur...