Friday, 6 March 2009

DIY car remote amplifier

A few days ago I learned something new on the net: pressing your car remote against your cranium while pushing the unlock button boosts its signal and could get you a few extra meters than the maximum distance normally needed to unlock your car!

I was really skeptical. Can your skull really work as an antenna? The harder question is, can it conduct radio frequency, or even amplify it? My amateurish physics knowledge says it shouldn't.

So I put it to the test, Mythbuster-style, although control parameters and fixed condition are largely ignored. Azie was my witness.

Step 1: Approximately 30 meters away from her Myvi, I pressed the remote while holding it up high, trying to get the signal reach as far as it could. Car not unlocked.

Picture 0007 (160x120)

Step 2: At the same position, I held the remote against my temple, surprisingly the car was unlocked!

Picture 0008 (160x120)

Step 3: Retrying Step 1, I had to move in 5 meters closer to unlock the car.

Sigh. It worked (when I thought it shouldn't). I don't know what to believe now. Somebody please enlighten me.

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Lailatul said...

wah, menarik. lame tak dapat ilmu baru. haha =)