Friday, 2 January 2009

Viva la Pizza!!

Things are starting to get a little hectic now. As I learn more about my job function, even more tasks are handed over to me.

What's more nerve pumping is that being someone of a position that requires a lot of decision making, and each decision has a great impact on the company as a whole. The challenge has always been epic: make the right decision, and fast.

So today I was again presented by some problem requiring quick answer.

Of valves, pumps, pipelines and miscellaneous.

I shall not share with you I had gone through, as that would sound so Petronas-ish.



Gambar hiasan: Tiada pizza sebenar dibuat

Instead, I shall present you with an everyday problem, that you may have or have not encounter. It is something I once discussed with my girlfriend (then fiancee, now my wife).

You and your partner went eating out in Pizza Hut, and ordered a regular 9" pizza. But then the waiter says that 9" pans are all in use, and offers you two small 6" pizza for the same price as a 9". Will you take the offer?

Most people would immediately say yes. It sounds like an attractive offer, that you-have-yours and I-have-mine. And don't forget to mention we even get more portions for ourselves!

Or do we?


A quick mental calculation reveals that:

  • 9" pizza. Radius = 4.5". Area = π20.25 inch2
  • 6" pizza. Radius = 3". Area = π9 inch2. 2 pizzas: π18 inch2

I would stand by my rights and demand my 9"! Plus I get to share it with my beloved wife, and sharing is loving right?

So whenever you eat at a pizza place as a couple, always order a regular, in which the set menu will always be cheaper. Talk about getting more for less!


With Petronas (or any company for that matter), this kind of problem involves thousands of $$$.