Sunday, 28 September 2008

Udara dan Air

The compounds that make up a tree don't come from the soil it grows on. Instead, they're mainly CO2 and H2O, which form up H-C-O hydrocarbon, organic material. But of course, traces of minerals are absorbed from the soil to catalyze growth.

Supporting facts: Burn a whole tree, or observe a dead animal biodegrade; you'll find CO2 and H2O get released. What's left are materials belong to the ground.

So: We eat plants. Animals eat plants. We eat animals and plants. Are we made up of mainly AIR and WATER?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The science of seating

It is almost the same everytime.

When attending an educational talk: ucapan, ceramah, kursus, lectures; out of a very large number of seating arrangement possibilities, you could usually discover the same seating pattern. One thing for sure, it is NOT random, and definitely NOT very organized.

Whether you give a damn or not, here goes...


Figure 1 shows the heat map of participants' seating preferences during a Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan I attended last month. The two sexes are expected to sit separately; female on the left and male on the right.

The red area indicates the most preferred seats as participants enter the room. Note the different hotspot pattern between male and female.

Figure 1: Mini lecture hall in Jabatan Agama Teluk Intan

The seating arrangement will only segregate when the lecturer in charge prompts the participants "Koghang sumer ni.. Majlis ilmu gini suka nak duduk belakang2. Meh penuhkan krusi depan ni.", or when the seats are almost full.

Similarly, Figure 2 shows the seating distribution when I attended the Petronas Operating Performance Improvement (OPI) workshop yesterday.

Figure 2: Multipurpose hall in Petronas Carigali, Kerteh

Again, as presumed, the heat map covers mostly the rear section of the hall. The front seats are filled when everywhere else is full.


Conclusion: I don't know. You tell me.

PS: If you're courageous enough to pick a seat outside the hot area, please be prepared to be discreetly labelled 'poyo' or a dork. This behaviour is seen as breaking the typical habit of a Malaysian, a non-conformist who challenges the norm of the society. Consider yourself warned.

PPS: FOR INFORMATION PURPOSE ONLY. This study is highly inaccurate and absolutely unreliable. It shall not be used as a seating guide to all events, especially when the event in question is an Akademi Fantasia concert.

Dang. I'm just bored. I miss doing real courseworks.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Kerteh here I come!

And so after a very long wait, the time has come for me to enter the working world. I will be departing to from KLIA to Kuantan this evening, and to Rumbia Hotel in Kerteh where I will be staying for 2 weeks before securing a permanent accommodation. Best part is: all sponsored by Petronas. My position? Executive Field Engineer.

I have null idea about what a person of that position does. Whatever it is, I hope to go offshore. Sparingly, if not regularly. Having forced to go to Kerteh, might as well let me really get my hands dirty (also literally). What's the point of going to such a liveless place but still do office work, kan?

Who am I to refuse? I'm officialy their bitch now. No no no, that was wrong. I'm actually feeling pretty grateful now to get this opportunity. Field works do seem interesting, thanks to Discovery Channel @ Astro 551.

I just hope there's decent internet connection to keep me in touch with the world.