Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Why is the world so imperfect? - I asked

Then Ijah replied, on Live Messenger:

life would be boring if the world is perfect

but life would be chaotic with the world being imperfect

bukan chaotic la, but challenging and adventurous

but world can be perfect and still be challenging and adventurous...

Hahaha... who am I to challenge the wisdom of cik Hafizah. Sorry la ye. Of course I had it coming, that life is about taking up challenges, overcoming obstacles, dodging complications, fixing blunders in this imperfect world.

But just how much magnitude of aggravation can you get when something you've anticipated so much in, spent a lot of time on, even dreamt about it when you sleep, and that little something fails miserably? That is probably how I feel right now. (But in my case; spent a lot of time: NO. dreamt about it: YES)

How annoying can it be when a circuit works perfectly as expected on a computer simulation, then proved to be such an annoyance when physically assembled? Why can't the world be perfect!?

Damn. I just told you I had this coming, and such imperfections are everywhere and to be expected. Why do I keep complaining about this?

This is what engineers do. Model it, get the concepts right, insert any error parameters thinkable, simulate it, add error compensation, rerun, get everything right, build it. In fact, the whole process may well be presented by the diagram below:


Every so often I find myself in the yellow loop. Engineers do too. That's why they have all the prototypes before arriving at a release candidate. At this stage I make sure to steer clear of the red arrow. That would be nothing but back to square one. There is no time for that now.

How I wish I can quickly proceed to the blue direction. Time is little. Courage is depleting. Motivation is gradually losing pace.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Mahalnye minyak! Apa mau bikin?

I honestly do not understand the oil business. I still cannot comprehend how the crude oil price per barrel is set, and fluctuating every freaking hour. I cannot grasp the concept of how increasing the oil price in Malaysia should help accommodate this price hike, when Malaysia itself is an oil-producing country.

oil_barrelDeep down in my immature thoughts, I believe that sometime, somewhere, some group of people are playing fool of us. While we are whining at how bad our lives will soon turn out, they are laughing maniacally, admiring their own smart-ass-ness at screwing others. While we have to fork out more money to cover out daily expenses, those people are cashing in more $$$.

As I post this, Malaysian petrol price has gone up 40% - from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per litre. Truly devastating. But some say it is still the lowest price in the whole South East Asia region. Oh did I mention we're an oil-producing country?

On the other hand, putting all the ranting aside, I believe (hope) that the government's move to reduce oil subsidy has some reasonable explanation. I don't know what it is, as I really suck at economy and finance. I'm simply reassuring myself that those great thinkers and high-minded people of Malaysia know what they are doing, and not for the filling of their own wallets.

So, if anyone has any great 'Complete Idiot's Guide to...' article or explanation to what's going on, please point me to them.

(Kesian Azie ye... baru beli kerete MyVi...)


Petrodollar warfare: Can switching to PetroEuro help fix this?


Meanwhile, at the other pole of my immature thoughts, I think we are partly to be blamed ourselves. This, however, may be quite different from all the common and mainstream tirades you have heard. So brace yourself while I'm putting the blame on YOU.

Being the Malaysians that we are, it becomes habitual we you need a car to go out. When a convenience store is just 200m away from home, what is wrong with going over ON FOOT? Panas? Alaa takpela dekat je. Bawak kereta/motor lagi menyumbang kepada kepanasan global.

Every time we shop at a supermarket, we insist on obtaining a sheet of plastic bag to go with anything we buy, even for a tiny piece of pencil sharpener. What were you going to do with so many plastic bags anyway? Buat bungkus cempedak? For all I know, manufacturing of plastic bags require petroleum.

plastic bagsCurrently there are literally hundreds of Sainsbury's plastic bag at my home right now, where the prospect is to throw them away as we're moving out. They are not recyclable, not biodegradable, extremely high longevity which will remain in the landfill for staggering thousands of years. What should have been done was to reuse them every time we go shopping. Or not taking a new plastic bag at all for a packet of Walker's Sensation potato chips. It's far too late now hahahahhaa...

Despite vigorous campaign by the Malaysian government (and UK), and a lot of money wasted on educating citizen to RECYCLE, we still DON'T KNOW HOW TO. As in don't know HOW to recycle, what can be recycled, where are the recycle bins etc. It is always far more convenient to toss that Tongkat Ali Power Root can into the nearby garbage bin. Recycle bin tu jauh kan. dkat hujung jalan tu. nak kene kumpul banyak2 baru berbaloi. pastu nak kene naik kereta lagi. eh silap, jalan kaki.


The symbol that lost its meaning

Ultimately, my point is: In a situation where we never put any effort in caring our mother earth, lagi mau komplen harga minyak mahal!!!

But if you feel that you've done enough, and are severely affected by the price rise, feel free to rant about it, and allow me to join you.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Thorpe Park rocks! - 2

By popular request, I shall now present you another entry regarding our Thorpe Park trip on Saturday 24th May. I meant to write down (hah, no i did not) a full long post about the entire event but Fadhli already did. So rather than shamelessly plagiarize his post and laugh about it, I have edited this video for you to enjoy.

(Quarter-way through the video editing, I regret started it at the first place. The process was taking quite a while, when I should be focusing on my FYP. Plus neither Sony Vegas nor Adobe Premiere worked smoothly on my laptop, so had to go back to Windows Movie Maker, and the result is dissatisfyingly poor. Oh well, once started, it had to be completed. A few hours won't do no harm I suppose/hope.)

Be sure to watch in high quality

Oh I've overheard some issues being raised about how unjustifiable it was for having 6 - 4 split on the Rumba Rapids boats, when some argue 5 - 5 should be more logical. In my own defense, I say

Lai Lai, salah Lai...

But this is obviously a non-issue. Neither was it a discrimination. Heh.

Amusement Park + Saturday = Long queues (up to 70 minutes for the signature ride). But hours upon hours of queuing weren't just filled with gossips and empty chatter. These future engineers - especially Hanafi Tony - took a closer look on most rides, examining the engineering wonders behind their mechanisms. Über geek indeed.

All in all, we had a great fun. However, that was in no way mean that we've put down all our books, preparing to enter lazy summer holiday. Despite finishing our exams weeks ago, there's still a long road ahead. Project works are to be resumed.

We are far from done.