Sunday, 27 April 2008

Exam Time

"Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more"

That is my favourite quote. Always has been. Probably always will.

I once experienced having lack a little more. Obviously it didn't turn out well. But then the work wasn't really good, neither was it much. There's only myself to be blamed for the lost. wasn't even

So here comes the moment of truth again. An epic battle between me and myself. How will it turn out? I can only hope for the best...

No. Wrong.

I must DO my best. Hope alone won't do any good. I believe I've put much good work in this one. There's only a little more.

Here goes. Good luck to myself. And to all my friends who are fighting the same battle. And to everyone who helped sharpening my sword and hardening my armor. And thanks to the loved ones who give continuous moral support.



Oh by the way we had this Leavers' Party in Hyde Park on 22nd April. View the video excerpt here.


Edit 1 28/4: Comms Sys so screwed up.

Edit 2 29/4: So is Power Elec.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The way I see it...

The way I see it, the election is crafted in such way that it will still be Clinton VS McCain in the end. Obama stands no chance.

If it were to be Obama VS McCain, Clinton's supporters would go for McCain. Another loss for Democrats.

Meanwhile Obama's supporters will avoid McCain at all costs. So if its Clinton VS McCain, Obama's supporters will at least back Clinton. Yayy for Democrats.

The decision is in the hands of the super-delegates. Either way, you won't see Obama as the President.

Dah. Nak study.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Can cookies reduce stress?

People say I look stressed out.

Although I would happily deny that. The 3 weeks continuous cold and flu might have caused by climate change. But I'm all good now - antivirus updated. Pimples? Err let's put the blame on my raging hormone. I do get them every now and then. Still a growing kid, you see?

Wait. I went to Sainsbury's last night to get
some snacks, and was pretty surprised with what I got home with.

This is
very unlikely of me. Never in my life had I purposedly go out there and buy in total 785g of cookies with the intention of eating them all by myself. But but it's 2 for £3.50! Great bargain right? Oh noes my judgement blurred.

Then I possibly AM stressed. Exams merely 2 weeks away.


And I certainly envy people who can study for 5 straight hours, get a half an hour break, and continue for another 3-5 hours.
*you freaks*

While I have a very pitiable study endurance. Only the first 3 hours at full boost, then a crucial 30-minute break, then 2 hours study at 3/4 boost, then another 30-minute break, then 1 hour of so-so boost, then I'm
fried. Fried - does not mean loss of focus/attention. Rather I suffer mental fatigue; a point when my brain's so cramped the next sentences I try to memorize will decay exponentially in half-life interval.

I seriously need to improve my study endurance. Will the cookies help
xcite my brain cells so I can study longer? Or will they simply add more artery-clogging fat into my system? We have at least until 18/04/08 to find out. (That's the BEST BEFORE date for the gingerbread men)

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Boom Chicka Wah Wah

During summer 2007, me and my brother attended this Aerobic Instructors Workshop organized by the National Sports Council (MSN) in Johor. {Me¦¦aerobic} is mutually exclusive, let alone being an instructor. So what the heck was I doing there? I was back in Malaysia having nothing to do, and my brother just needed a company (plus the event was entirely free). It was indeed fun. Thanks bro!

The 4-day-3-night workshop ended up with a test on the last day. Out of 88 participants, 33 passed qualified for accreditation - me and my bro included. But to be become an MSN accredited instructor, one would need to voluntarily become a novice instructor in any public mass aerobic event, supervised by an already accredited instructor, for 20 hours within 3 months. Boohoo, I skipped that one. One reason being having to return to the London soon, another simply because I was too lazy. Pfff.

So guess what? Out of the blue, I can actually instruct a mass aerobic now. Albeit not and accredited one.

As mentioned, 3/8 participants passed the test. Why didn’t the other 5/8? Not because the lack of individual fitness, nor was it because doing all the moves wrong. It was simply that most people couldn’t dance to the BEAT. Unlike just bobbing your head to the rhythm at the dance clubs, there is a larger picture in aerobic music one needs to observe.

THAT, people, is the reason of this post. By the end of this, I’m sure you’ll go around, sub-consciously tapping your toes whenever you hear an aerobic-able groove in the air.


Unlike the usual funky dance music, aerobic-able music MUST have these requirements.

Beat: The rhythm you bob your head to.

Verse: = 8 Beats. (Sometimes accompanied by exactly one verse of lyric)

Block: = 4 Verses = 32 Beats. (Sometimes accompanied by a paragraph of lyric / chorus)

Bridge: = 1 or 2 Verse. A deformed Block. The real heckler. Can be a mess if you fail to detect them.

Here I tag along a catchy song - Un Monde Parfait by Ilona Mitrecey. There is a 2-verse Bridge at the intro, the rest are all in complete Blocks, starting from the first audible bass. Go ahead and play it. And as you listen, I encourage you to grab a pen and paper, mark down every single beat, group them into blocks like above, just so you know how to differentiate them.

Done? How many blocks are there? 12. Good.

Now let’s forget pen and paper. Replay the song and count the beat verbally. This is an important exercise. It’s hard to proceed if you don’t get this one right. For every block, this is how you count:

" "

Great job! Now challenge yourself with this Butterfly song. It has many Bridges to confuse you. Also try play either song mid-track, see if you can get back to the count easily.

Yep. This is essentially what you need to know about aerobic music. You will then assign a move to a whole Block e.g. knee-lift with biceps curl. Then advance to the next Block with another move. However keep the counting to yourself; you don’t want others to hear. Instead this is what you say:

" *wink*wink*


OK next we’ll move on to Grapevine.. Ready?

4..3..2... Grapevine! "

There. Practice makes perfect.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Time-Travelling, HyRee style

6 subjects to study. 1 FYP background report to write up. 1 coursework to give final touch. 3 whole weeks to go.

Time is indeed little. But I can’t possibly do all, continuously, without rest. I need entertainment, some distraction to keep my brain from bloating. I can either go watch a movie, play my unfinished Half Life Episode 2, or do something at least constructive. So I’m gonna go ahead and talk about my own understanding regarding a topic I’ve given some thought for a few years.


I wish I can time travel.

There are many events in the past I wish I can revisit and correct to get a more desirable presence. As an avid gamer, I like the idea of having Save/Load checkpoints at major points in life. In The Sims, if you screw up a relationship by getting rejected in a premature marriage proposal, you can reload the point when everything was smooth sailing (although I'd rather or go hook up with someone else).

There are also events in the future I’d like to foresee. Needless to say, who doesn’t want to go to the future then come back then act accordingly then get rich?

Hence the desire to time travel.

But is it even feasible?

There are many models and theories for time-travelling. Some are fascinating, some are entirely absurd. Some are paradoxical, some are self-corrective (lame…). In short, new theories are proposed every now and then by eager physicist in understanding the time-space relationship and how it can be manipulated.

I hope that by now you have understood the Parallel Universe theory. Part of this post will be related to it (or attempt to debunk it). To me, it is the most interesting and appealing theory there is. If the theory is true, there shall be no paradox, and travelling in time will be as smooth as travelling in space, albeit having some restriction.

BUT it is untrue - to my belief at least. This is where religion plays it part. If there's a multi-universe, would there be multi-God? Okay okay, let say God is at the outside of the universe shell, where God is just one, mightily governing all concurrent universes. Wouldn't there still be multiple clones of his Messengers, multiple copies of the Holy Books, all with different content to accomodate a particular universe? Therefore my conclusion: One universe, One timeline. (Dont get me wrong, I still love the idea of having multiple universe! What's better than scaring the hell out of the parallel ME in another universe!?)

I see that some readers may scoff at me for involving God in this serious business. Science and religion don't go along, I hear you say. But please bear with me. I am about to present you the reason of this post.


I come up with 2 time-travelling models of my own. In other words, I do believe in time-travelling, but very limited to many constraints. I am aware that my proposed models may have vast similarity with the existing ones. Many may have thought about them far earlier than me. But I don’t care. Since I came up with them independently, I’m gonna go ahead and name them myself. Muahaha - no one can stop me now.

1. Bi-directional, passive past travelling

You can go to the past, then come back. As frequent as you want. As far back as you want (no further than t=0, of course).

But there is a catch.

Your presence in the past can’t, and won’t, affect anything. Not even air molecules having to curve around your body as it blows. You can see and hear, maybe smell the surrounding, but your presence is completely undetectable. Nobody can see nor hear you, no psychic can metaphysically sense you, nothing can! Great thing is you can come back to the present and tell people what you saw.

Clearly, this model does not change the one-timeline condition. At all. How convenient.

So what good would there be for this kind of travel? To learn history of course! If you’re unsure which came first – chicken or egg – then boot up that time machine, go back and come tell us what you find.

2. Forward-directional, active future travelling

Sure, you can travel ahead in time. Enter a time-warp and appear in 2030. Good news is now you ARE part of that time. People can now see you, hear you, push you down the nearby drain.

Bad news is… you can’t go back. You’re stuck there forever. My advice: Go update your technological knowledge so that you won’t feel awkward seeing people talking to themselves without any mobile device nor Bluetooth visible – they’re embedded in the teeth.

Nope. Does not change the one-timeline either.


So there you go. Two time-travelling method, with certain conditions you must abide to. In short:

  1. Thou can't change the past
  2. Thou can't predict the future
Damn. What good is time-traveling if I can't do either. Oh well.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Of Petronas and Webtoys

Hish.. How silly of me. I was so engaged in various events in the past I week I have forgotten about this blog. Thanks Azie for reminding me.

Being a Petronas sponsored student, I am sure to get hired by Petronas anyway. But this must undergo a certain sort of formality to induce some sense of 'getting hired'. Having said so, a common recruitment process was held. Obviously, Petronas requires this as a guidance for placing new recruits is positions it thinks they fit most.

And hence we took two ability tests on wednesday 26/8, followed by a structered interview on the day after. The tests consist of a verbal test and a numerical test (calculators not allowed). The former was ok, while the latter made no sense at all. I refuse to say in details, but let me stress that the test must not be indicative of one's mathematical intelligence. By the way, I hoped there was a logical, inductive test too. Too bad Petronas did not see the need to measure one's IQ.

For the interview, I'd say it was OK in overall. Apart from the sudden question 'Are you interested in teaching?', the rest went through fine. Fingers crossed, just don't give me any routine-based work. That'll be dead boring.

Really, there's nothing much to say about. Instead I'd really like to present you with something else.


As a regular user of the internet, have you ever came across moments where there is absolutely NOTHING to do? No one to chat with, nothing interesting on the news, no new gossips on Facebook, and you're totally bored (that's why I started a blog). Let me present you 3 great webtoys you can waste your time with.

Webtoys aren't games. They do not have any particular objective nor do they have any level system to track your progress. They are simply... toys! But they sure are fun! Even more fun when you are adventurous enough to set up your own goal and achievements with these toys.

1. Falling Hillary

Hilarious! Watch her fall to the oblivion. If she got stuck, drag her around as you wish. Leave it to play as your screensaver for continuous amusement.

The ragdoll physics behind this is game is quite incredible. There are also Skeleton, Bush, Hillary In Bikini versions of the game. But considering it is Hillary Clinton we're talking about, so this version is the best.

2. 'Someone keeps stealing my letters'

Funny, enjoyable and addictive. Basically, there is a white board with lots of English alphabet letters on it that you can drag around to form words, drawings, sort into colours, or do whatever you like. Problem is, there are many others doing the same thing, gleefully interrupt whatever you're attemping to do. I warn you. Please be mentally prepared to play this. Annoy, or get annoyed.

Last time I played, we arrived to this:

3. Acrobots

Decently simple game. Acrobots are creatures with 3 magnetically sticky limbs. Let me not spoil the fun. Go ahead and click on the link to see what you can do in this playground.

There you have it. Player discretion advised. Don't blame me if you don't get your work done.